Messy Dating Experiences; Kenya

If you have never had one; extremely memorable date, you are missing out on a lot; and yeah, in this case I am talking about the kind of dates where you stare at your date in awe. The kind where hiding your slender self under the table isn’t enough! or maybe it’s really because you cannot fit under the table. Today I’m talking about the embarrassing dates which if given an option you’d take them to your grave!

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Travel Hygiene 101!

Today is a new day and I’m not going to talk about the normal and usual listicles that we see on the internet on how to practice hygiene. Instead, I’ll be telling you why hygiene is important, why you need to smell your under arms twice and if need be thrice before you leave the house. Today is the day when we peel off all the layers that have been tucked under the bed because no one wants to talk about them.

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